Consulting & Training


We are thrilled to stay on this journey with you. Consider expanding your knowledge and experience through one, some, or all of the options below.

Read the dissertation that started it all. The Volunteer Project is inspired by Darren’s doctoral dissertation on volunteer satisfaction. If you would like a full bibliography of volunteer documents, as well as research methodology, zip over to Amazon and grab Impact of Best-Practices Management of Volunteers on Volunteer Satisfaction in a Church Setting (2012) by Dr. Darren Kizer. Available on Amazon and Kindle.

Dive deeper into the survey. Did you love the ZRM, but have a bunch of follow-up questions? Well we can address those questions with quantitative data. Your data will be statistically analyzed both internally, as well as externally against mean scores from other organizations. We can explore topics such as how individual programs within your organization compare to one another. Multi-site churches and organizations can see which campus demonstrates the highest score. Our data geeks love this stuff. Email us.

Schedule a consultation. Maybe statistics and data aren’t your thing. Maybe you just want to talk to a real person. Let’s schedule a time for one of our experts to visit you onsite, to complete a site assessment and consultation. Email us.

Host a HuddleUP Volunteer Event. So you have identified some gaps, but feel like you could benefit from your team hearing from an outside voice. We would love to join you and your team onsite, to assist you in leading a HuddleUP event for your volunteers and leadership. Email us.

Take a class. Have you been thinking about earning a master’s degree or are just an education junkie? Consider signing up for a master’s level course in volunteerism. Darren loves teaching these courses, utilizing a blend of distance education methodologies and hands-on experiences. Go to and fill out the free consultation form. 

Contact Us. If you have a question or a story you want to tell, we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us at